Government Relations

Business and politics intersect at CCA’s Government Relations Committee. This committee promotes open and constructive dialogue between the business community and government, providing a platform for CCA members to voice concerns about policy issues critical to the private sector.

  • Leverages the power of CCA’s membership to provide legislative advocacy on behalf of the business community
  • Meets regularly with elected and appointed officials, key department heads, and strategic administrative personnel at the City, County and State level to analyze public policy that may impact the business community
  • Reviews local and state ballot propositions and makes recommendations to CCA’s Executive Committee

Chair: Sharon Keyser, Senior Vice President, Real Estate, Government & Community Relations, Paramount Pictures

Recent News

Momentum Grows for Arts District Metro Rail Stations

March 6, 2017 Los Angeles Downtown News "Mostly, though, the stations would be very easy to implement. The tracks are largely there already. A rough cost for a new station would be $90 million, which sounds like alot but is a...

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