Supporting and Attracting Businesses and Institutions to DTLA


Supporting and Attracting Businesses and Institutions to DTLA

CCA is dedicated to creating an environment where businesses and institutions can thrive. We will advocate for policies that support investment, increase public safety and facilitate strategic partnerships.

We strongly believe that creative industries such as tech, media, bioscience and advertising are critical to maintaining DTLA’s status as a regional employment center. CCA knows these industries offer good wages and employ a broad spectrum of workers.

Downtown is poised to become a new national center for the tech and creative industries, and CCA is committed to cultivating the growth of these industries in DTLA through targeted job training, marketing and programming. 

In addition, Downtown’s vibrancy is supported by its unique commercial districts, like the Jewelry, Fashion, Flower and Produce Districts. These were Downtown’s first significant job creators, and CCA will continue to promote them and support initiatives that allow for their evolution. 

Tourism is an economic driver for the entire region, and it is essential to DTLA’s future. CCA will continue to grow that sector of the economy by leading policy initiatives that support tourism, including encouraging the development of new hotels, an improved convention center and other regional attractions.