CCA's Premier, Executive and Business Advocacy level members participate in hands-on advocacy in a wide range of policy committees. We work with city officials and their staff, community partners and other DTLA stakeholders to shape policies that enhance DTLA's vibrancy and increase investment in the region.



Economic Development & Livability

CCA has transformed the city's core into a thriving business and residential community. As this community grows and expands, so do its needs. This committee:

  • Leverages the power of CCA's broad membership to provide legislative advocacy to build a vibrant Downtown.
  • Outlines quantitative and qualitative goals for Downtown in terms of economic development, tourism, open space, education and childcare, transportation, and public safety.
  • Meets with elected and appointed officials, key department head and strategic personnel at the city, county and state levels to analyze public policy that will impact economic development and make our community more livable.

Kevin Litwin

Executive Vice President, L&R Group of Companies

Rudy Medina

President, Southern California Market, US Bank

Chris Pearson

Director of Development Planning, Hudson Pacific Properties


CCA is working to identify and implement practical policies that will reduce homelessness across the Los Angeles region. This committee consists of Downtown leaders including homeless service providers and is focused on providing housing for homeless individuals. This committee:

  • Recognizes homelessness is a regional issue and develops comprehensive strategies.
  • Promotes an open dialogue for constructive policy solutions among diverse stakeholders -- elected officials, business, law enforcement and social service providers -- on a critical area of common interest and concern.

Nicki Carlsen

Partner, Alston & Bird

Mark Loranger

President & CEO, Chrysalis

Mike Arnold

President & CEO, Midnight Mission

Housing, Land Use & Development Committee

CCA is the leading advocate on issues of land use, development, and housing. Comprised of our city's most influential real estate leaders, this committee regularly leads on issues that impact real estate investment in Los Angeles. This committee:

  • Advises on matters such as development reform and changes to the zoning code and building codes.
  • Advocates for local and state legislation that promotes housing production and new investment.
  • Issues policy papers tackling complex real estate-related issues such as Los Angeles' affordable housing crisis, development reform, industrial land use and condominium conversions.


Paul Keller

Chairman, Mack Real Estate Development, LLC

Lisa Kolieb

Partner, Akerman LLC

Adam Tartakovsky

Vice President of Development, Crescent Heights

Transportation, Infrastructure & Environment

Mobility, infrastructure and sustainability are key elements to the continued success of Los Angeles. This committee reviews policies and projects that relate to transportation, water and energy use, utilities and other major public infrastructure. This committee:

  • Supports regional transportation initiatives that improve safety and accessibility.
  • Works to promote transit-oriented development that will leverage and enhance Downtown's unique position as the transportation hub of the region.
  • Initiates and assists new public-private partnerships to increase mobility, reduce cost and maximize return on public investments

Karin Liljegren

Principal and Founder, Omgivning

Purvi Doshi

Senior Government Affairs Manager, SoCalGas

Marissa Christiansen

Executive Director, Friends of LA River

Executive Committee

This committee is limited to Executive Committee members. It leads the organization by making final decisions on major legislation, policies and initiatives affecting business. This committee:

  • Oversees all standing CCA policy committees.
  • Takes positions on public policy issues that affect the business, economic and social climate in Los Angeles.
  • Meets privately with key Federal, State, County and City decision-makers.

Tom Gilmore

CEO, Gilmore Associates