Transportation, Infrastructure & Environment Committee Meeting

Transportation, Infrastructure & Environment Committee Meeting

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Street Damage Restoration Fee Increase

The City of LA is considering changes to the Street Damage Restoration Fee that would significantly increase the private cost of utility cuts, trenching, and other street cuts. CCA submitted a comment letter based on an early review of the proposed changes which can be found here. Keith Mozee from the Bureau of Street Services will be presenting and members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed changes.

Special Guest: Keith Mozee, Bureau of Street Services


County Water Tax

The County Board of Supervisors is considering a tax to fund water quality and water supply improvements that may appear on the November ballot. Since last year, CCA has been participating in the Stakeholder Advisory Committee for the tax proposal and has been advocating for a framework that distributes costs fairly, focuses on necessary water quality improvements (MS4 permit compliance), and acknowledges investments already made by businesses and property owners. The LA County Department of Public Works will be sharing the latest updates on the proposal.

Special Guests: Leslie Friedman-Johnson, CNRG; and Angela George, LA County Department of Public Works


2028 Olympics and “New Mobility”

New members Alta Planning + Design will be giving a preview of their July TIE meeting presentation, where they will be introducing us to the work they’re doing in support of the 2028 Olympics and their “New Mobility Group,” which provides guidance on integrating technology into new mobility efforts.

Special Guest: Michael Jones and Ryan Johnson, Alta Planning + Design