Housing, Land Use & Development Committee Meeting October 15


Onni Times Square

CCA members are invited to learn about this project that proposes retention and renovation of the Times, Plant, and Mirror Buildings and the construction of two mixed-use towers.  The renovated buildings would include ground floor commercial uses that may include a grocery store and retail spaces with office space on the upper levels.  Combined, the towers contain 1,127 residential units, 34,572 square feet of commercial uses and 1,135,803 square feet of floor area.  Including existing buildings, the project proposes 1,511,908 square feet of floor area, resulting in a 9.42 FAR based on 160,578 square feet of lot area.   

Special Guests: Mark Spector, Ben Spector & Paul Coleman, Onni

Assembly Bill 1482

AB 1482 limits yearly rent increases to 5% percent, plus the local rate of inflation. The bill applies to housing that is 15 years or older on a rolling basis- and in the City of Los Angeles-it will expand rent control to properties built from 1978-2005. AB 1482 would take effect January 1 and expire in 2030. This bill also requires landlords to show “just cause”—such as failure to pay rent—when evicting tenants. CCA members are encouraged to learn more about the impacts of this bill.

Special Guest: Beverly Kenworthy, CA Apartment Association


Resident Emergency Eviction Prevention (REEP) Pilot Program

In order to financially support tenants who are facing eviction, private entities are establishing a REEP pilot program. Funds would be used to pay back rent of a tenant who otherwise was a stable resident and who has some indication that future rent payments will be paid on time. Funds could be requested by either tenants or landlords. Join us to hear about this innovative new pilot program.

Special Guest: Dan Tenenbaum, Chair of California Apartment Association Los Angeles Advisory Board

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DATE: October 15, 2019
TIME: 8:30 am - 10:00 am
Central City Association
626 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 850
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Natalie Gori
(213) 416-7519
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