CCA Reflects - Your Vote Counts: The Importance of the March 3 Election

CCA Reflects - Your Vote Counts: The Importance of the March 3 Election

Published Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Election Day is right around the corner! You may have received your ballot already or are going to vote in person on March 3. Your vote is critical to Los Angeles and our country. Voting is the best way to express your thoughts on what's happening in your community, which is why at CCA we prioritized civic engagement and initiated a voter registration effort with Strategies 360 to get residents registered and increase Downtown's efficacy as a voting bloc.

Why is this election so important?
Not only is there a presidential primary happening, but seven of the 15 Los Angeles City Council seats are up for re-election. This is a historic time for Downtown and the rest of the region -- our newly elected city officials will have the critical job of solving homelessness and will soon face the complex process of redistricting and adopting the DTLA 2040 Community Plan. This is why we urge you to voice your opinion on who will best face these complexities head on.

Who do we recommend and why?
Please read CCA's Voter Guide to learn about who we endorsed and who we encourage you to support. We worked hard to ensure our endorsements are as informed as possible. We met with candidates and consulted our Board of Directors, our Political Action Committee (PAC) and civic leaders at committee meetings and working groups to discuss who would best achieve a livable, united and welcoming Downtown.

Obviously, the CD 14 race is one of the most important to watch for CCA, and our endorsement of Kevin de León went through a strategic process. We started the process by partnering with LMU to do a poll of DTLA residents to understand how they are feeling about living in our city. We then met with candidates and hosted a forum with CD 14 candidates and decided that Kevin de León was the best candidate to move Downtown forward. We continue to engage with him and his team to help inform his policy agenda. We are also excited to see the LA Times Editorial Board enthusiastically endorse him for the seat.

Voting Resources
Today is the last day to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot. Make sure to apply here, and find a Vote Center near you here. Remember to check out CCA's Voter Guide to assist your decision making. This year, you can vote up to 10 days before March 3 at various Vote Centers.

At CCA, we advocate, influence and engage with our members and the community to increase vibrancy and investment in the region. We want a city that is represented by elected leaders who advocate for and implement policies that realize these priorities. We aim to make our city thriving, livable and welcoming, but it is the elected officials who are the decision makers and enact policy. That is why we need your vote in the March election!