CCA's Advocacy Amid COVID-19

CCA's Advocacy Amid COVID-19

Published Wednesday, March 18, 2020

What does advocacy look like in the time of a pandemic? That is something we have been getting our arms around at CCA. We have been consulting our Board of Directors, enlisting our members, and engaging with other business and industry advocacy organizations and our elected leaders. It is a challenging time and we are developing a practical set of legislative priorities that will support Downtown's vibrancy and increase investment in the region. We are also working to ensure we use technology in order to continue to convene policy committee discussions. Below are our legislative priorities and we welcome your feedback.


  • Call on the City to send a clear message to the development community that LA is open for business.
  • Upgrade critical systems to allow for case processing electronically.
  • Ask the City to coordinate a statewide response to residential and commercial evictions to ensure consistency across the state.
  • Advocate for a local tax incentive that would support hotels.
  • Support the automatic renewal of all Conditional Use Permits for hospitality uses that are good operators.
  • Support extension of current entitlements to support project feasibility.
  • Join other business organizations in calling for a moratorium on new regulations.
  • Advocate for Financial Institutions and Business Improvement Districts to continue to provide services in the case of a Shelter in Place declaration.
  • Provide input on the City ordinance that would prohibit residential evictions to help blunt unintended consequences while avoiding displacement of residents.
  • Support the City ordinance that would prohibit commercial evictions while providing input to preserve property owner rights.
  • Allow commercial rent deferment with rent to be repaid over an appropriate length of time.
  • Request paid sick leave policy be consistent with the federal government’s ten-day allotment.
  • Waive any and all permit late fees for hospitality uses incurred during this period of time.
  • Ask for additional clarification on eligibility for the City’s Microloan Program.


  • Advocate for property tax relief to support property owners that are being economically impacted.
  • Support changes to County Health requirements so restaurants and bars can become points of sale for food and beverage.
  • Join other business organizations in calling for a moratorium on new regulations. 
  • Request fee waivers for Department of Health permits for restaurant and bar operators


  • Partner with other business organization to provide comments on how the approved $50B relief fund will be allocated.
  • Support bridge loans, payroll tax abatement and changes to regulations that would allow restaurants and bars to become points of sale for food and beverage.


  • Support the work of the US Chamber of Commerce and their agenda which includes:
    • Advocating for immediate unemployment benefits for those who are displaced from their jobs.
    • Supporting a tax credit to help businesses continue to pay people even if they can't be on the job due to quarantines, closings, or limited operations.
    • Calling for low- to no-interest business loans to cover lost revenue as a result of the outbreak.