Resources for the COVID-19 Crisis

Resources for the COVID-19 Crisis

Published Friday, May 8, 2020 9:00 am

The CCA team is closely monitoring the crisis and tracking any resources that our members can utilize and any opportunities to get involved.

Resources for Business Owners Affected by COVID-19

Resources for Employees Affected by COVID-19

  • OnwardCA to get California workers displaced by COVID-19 essential life services and back to work as quickly as possible
  • File for Disability Insurance if you are sick or quarantined with COVID-19
  • Take Paid Family Leave if you are caring for an ill or quarantined family member and must miss work
  • File for Unemployment Insurance if you experience a reduction in your hours
  • Go to the LA Jobs Portal if you are unemployed or underemployed to find employment across all industries

Webinars and Courses

Places to Contribute 

  • The Midnight MissionMonetary donations | Volunteers to package take-out meals | Donations of the following items: Disposable multi-compartment to-go food containers, disposable utensils, napkins, disposable lunch bags, single serving beverages, plastic wrap and zip lock bags 
  • California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC): Personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical items to combat the virus, provide care for patients and ensure the health and well-being of their front-line medical teams -- see their relief fund in the 'How to Help' section below.

Donate to a Fund

Medical and Family Support

Support for Customers and Workspaces

  • AT&T will not terminate services due to inability to pay, will waive domestic wireless plan overage charges and will keep their public hotspots open -- details here and other special offers here. They're also offering two months of free service to new customers, easing eligibility requirements and waiving all home internet data overage fees -- details here.
  • Verizon will not terminate services due to inability to pay and will waive a number of overage charges and activation fees. They're also adding additional data to several plans and offering free international calling to CDC level 3 countries, as well as unlimited domestic calling through April -- details here.
  • CPM has highlighted ways they can help when returning to the workplace, from space programming, paths of travel, wayfinding signage and reconfigures for how office spaces will be used going forward. Find details on their work from home tools here.
  • Sparks created a guide to help organizations adjust to the "new normal" and support workplaces safely prepare for employees to return -- see here. They also launched their online Back to Business storefront. Whether it's small orders or larger, more customized back to business solutions, they can assist businesses of all sizes.
  • Kaiser Permanente’s continually-updated playbook, “Planning for the Next Normal at Work,” has export-informed guidance for workplaces during COVID-19 and bringing employees back to traditional work environments. 

Please let us know if your organization has any opportunities to which our members can contribute.