CCA November Election Guide

CCA November Election Guide

Published Thursday, September 17, 2020 8:00 am

The following measures are statewide initiatives that qualified for the November 3, 2020 ballot and were considered by CCA. CCA members vet ballot measures through our Policy Committee process and determine whether to make financial contributions through the CCA Political Action Committee (PAC). The CCA Board of Directors provides final approval on any ballot measure position or financial contribution.

Twelve ballot measures qualified for the November 3 election through citizen or state legislature eligibility processes including the below measures related to housing and labor. State ballot measures need a majority "yes" vote on election day to become law.

CCA took positions on the following statewide ballot measures:

Proposition 15: Schools & Communities First Act -- OPPOSE

Sponsors: California Teachers Association, Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, SEIU California

This initiative makes significant changes to Proposition 13, reassessing commercial and industrial properties with more than $3M in holdings at full market value. The change would increase taxes on businesses and property owners by approximately $11B per year. Roughly 60% of the increased tax revenue would go to communities, school districts and community colleges. Unfortunately, the measure does not include any reforms to ensure the money is spent effectively or efficiently. See campaign website here.

Proposition 19: The Family Home Protection and Fairness Act -- SUPPORT

Sponsor: California Association of Realtors

The Family Home Protection & Fairness Initiative would make changes to some existing property tax assessment processes including allowing eligible homeowners to transfer their tax assessments anywhere within the state up to three times instead of the current one allowable transfer. CCA voted to support this measure at its July Policy Committee after a presentation and discussion. See slide presentation here.

Proposition 21: Rental Affordability Act -- OPPOSE

Sponsor: AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Similar to the failed 2018 statewide rent control measure, the Rental Affordability Act would repeal Costa-Hawkins and expand local governments' rent control powers to include housing built more than 15 years ago and also eliminate vacancy decontrol allowing landlords to increase rent by 15% during the first three years after a vacancy. This measure does not address the state's housing shortage and may disincentivize new housing development. See campaign website here.

Proposition 22: Protect App-Based Drivers & Services Act -- SUPPORT

Sponsors: Lyft, Uber and DoorDash

This measure would create more flexibility for ride share and third-party delivery workers than what is currently allowed under Assembly Bill (AB) 5, a recently passed state law that limits who may be classified as an independent contractor. This initiative aims to restore the ability for drivers to set their own schedules, locations and work for multiple companies, while also assuring new wage and benefit guarantees for drivers who work a minimum number of hours, as well as provide customer and public safety protections. See campaign website here.