What We Do

Advocacy Priorities

Through advocacy, influence and engagement, CCA enhances Downtown Los Angeles’ (DTLA’s) vibrancy and increases investment in the region. We will build on DTLA’s success and expand our role as the region’s thought leader on issues that impact urban areas. CCA will maximize its effectiveness by leading, convening and collaborating with business, government, elected and appointed leaders, residents, educational institutions, nonprofits and other organizations and individuals to form strong partnerships and coalitions.

Providing a Vision for the Future of DTLA

DTLA is the region’s center for economic growth and enables groups and individuals to pursue their dreams and discover new connections. CCA will take a leadership role in planning for DTLA’s resiliency because we believe effective planning is critical to Downtown’s continued growth and advancement.

DTLA 2040, which is the merging and updating of the Central City and Central City North Community Plans, will guide new development for the next 20 years. Our goal is to drive the conversation surrounding this effort to ensure that land use designations are flexible to support the evolving nature of Downtown.

We will also be highly engaged in the update of the Downtown Design Guidelines to promote high-quality development. An essential part of this engagement will be reaching out to Downtown residents to discuss the benefits of long-range planning and the positive impacts of new development.

Making DTLA the Place for New Housing at All Income Levels

Los Angeles has a severe housing shortage that is driving up the cost of homes across the city. This imbalance is reflected in DTLA: It employs approximately 500,000 workers but is home to only ~80,000 residents. We need more housing to attract new businesses, support retailers and entertainment venues, and continue to build a strong Downtown community.

Because Downtown has a robust network of transit options that support high-density housing, it is well-positioned to meaningfully address LA’s housing crisis. CCA believes we must place a greater emphasis on creating new housing in Downtown, and will continue to support broad-based policies that encourage the production of new housing at a range of income levels. We will leverage the DTLA 2040 effort and other policy initiatives to make Downtown the place for new housing in Los Angeles, including housing that is affordable to the vast majority of Angelenos who do not qualify for subsidized housing but cannot afford market rate housing.

CCA will advocate for housing policies that are clear, predictable and flexible. We will also support modifying building codes to allow for new housing typologies because we view Downtown as the best place in LA to try new approaches and pilot programs. Our goal is to ensure affordability and cement DTLA’s status as a thriving mixed-income community.

Advancing Comprehensive Solutions to Homelessness

Jobs-producing businesses are the economic backbone of any strong economy. We are ensuring that our businesses can thrive by advocating for regulations to support their growth. For many years, DTLA has been home to Skid Row, which is one of the largest concentrations of homeless people in the nation. Skid Row shows us first-hand that homelessness is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach.

CCA will continue to advocate for proven solutions, such as permanent supportive housing and specialized outreach. CCA will continue to support bridge housing, increased mental health and addiction services and jail-in-reach services, which are intended to help individuals find a home prior to being released from incarceration. This is especially important in Downtown because the Men’s Central Jail and Twin Towers are located in our city center. It is also important to end the well-established cycle of jail and homelessness. In addition, CCA will expand its advocacy for housing and services to be provided throughout Los Angeles, creating healthy and diverse mixed-income communities.

Enhancing the Experience of DTLA for Employees, Residents and Visitors

We support a Downtown that is welcoming to all, including families, singles and retirees. To attract and retain a wide range of residents and create a world-class Downtown, CCA will advocate for increased healthcare and school options, greater access to green space and more innovative public art. CCA will seek changes in suburban regulations that limit the creation of new schools in Downtown. We will promote public art and green space by partnering with the development community to ensure impact fees are used effectively.

CCA recognizes that access to transit is an important asset for DTLA, and we will work to enhance the connections between and among Downtown neighborhoods by seeking improvements in pedestrian, bicycle and transit connectivity. We will leverage Measure M and other state and regional funding sources to support investments that help ease traffic throughout major job centers, including Downtown.

Walkability, recreation and access to culture and entertainment are key factors when deciding where to live. Growth industries, like tech and new media, will locate in areas where their employees want to live. Downtown has the potential to be the hub for this kind of activity, especially with the many strong institutions already in DTLA, including SCI-ARC, FIDM, USC, UCLA, LA Trade Tech and Loyola Law School. CCA will build on these strengths through marketing and programming. We will become the go-to source for information regarding DTLA.

Supporting and Attracting Businesses and Institutions to DTLA

CCA is dedicated to creating an environment where businesses and institutions can thrive. We will advocate for policies that support investment, increase public safety and facilitate strategic partnerships. We strongly believe that creative industries such as tech, media, bioscience and advertising are critical to maintaining DTLA’s status as a regional employment center. CCA knows these industries offer good wages and employ a broad spectrum of workers.

Downtown is poised to become a new national center for the tech and creative industries, and CCA is committed to cultivating the growth of these industries in DTLA through targeted job training, marketing and programming.

In addition, Downtown’s vibrancy is supported by its unique commercial districts, like the Jewelry, Fashion, Flower and Produce Districts. These were Downtown’s first significant job creators, and CCA will continue to promote them and support initiatives that allow for their evolution.

Tourism is an economic driver for the entire region, and it is essential to DTLA’s future. CCA will continue to grow that sector of the economy by leading policy initiatives that support tourism, including encouraging the development of new hotels, an improved convention center and other regional attractions.


CCA's Premier, Executive and Business Advocacy level members participate in hands-on advocacy in a wide range of policy committees. We work with city officials and their staff, community partners and other DTLA stakeholders to shape policies that enhance DTLA's vibrancy and increase investment in the region.



Economic Development & Livability

CCA has transformed the city's core into a thriving business and residential community. As this community grows and expands, so do its needs. This committee:

  • Leverages the power of CCA's broad membership to provide legislative advocacy to build a vibrant Downtown.
  • Outlines quantitative and qualitative goals for Downtown in terms of economic development, tourism, open space, education and childcare, transportation, and public safety.
  • Meets with elected and appointed officials, key department head and strategic personnel at the city, county and state levels to analyze public policy that will impact economic development and make our community more livable.

Randal Hernandez

Executive Director of External Affairs, Verizon

Carmel Sella

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo

Carol Pfannkuche

Executive Director, Ketchum-Downtown YMCA 


CCA is working to identify and implement practical policies that will reduce homelessness across the Los Angeles region. This committee consists of Downtown leaders including homeless service providers and is focused on providing housing for homeless individuals. This committee:

  • Recognizes homelessness is a regional issue and develops comprehensive strategies.
  • Promotes an open dialogue for constructive policy solutions among diverse stakeholders -- elected officials, business, law enforcement and social service providers -- on a critical area of common interest and concern.

Mike Arnold

President & CEO, Midnight Mission

Nicki Carlsen

Partner, Alston & Bird

Monique Davis

Chief Community Officer, Skid Row Housing Trust

Housing, Land Use & Development Committee

CCA is the leading advocate on issues of land use, development, and housing. Comprised of our city's most influential real estate leaders, this committee regularly leads on issues that impact real estate investment in Los Angeles. This committee:

  • Advises on matters such as development reform and changes to the zoning code and building codes.
  • Advocates for local and state legislation that promotes housing production and new investment.
  • Issues policy papers tackling complex real estate-related issues such as Los Angeles' affordable housing crisis, development reform, industrial land use and condominium conversions.


Lisa Kolieb

Partner, Akerman LLP

Daniel Taban

Director of Development, JADE Enterprises 

Political Action

With campaign officials and candidates well aware of the influence and impact CCA’s members have in local, county and state elections, they actively seek endorsements from this committee. Our members help recruit business-friendly candidates and serve as the clearinghouse for researching and reviewing candidates and issues to determine which ones deserve the business community’s support and will earn the CCA’s endorsement and contributions.

Here is a summary the committee’s activities:

Edgar Khalatian

Partner, Mayer Brown

Chris Pearson

Vice President of Development, Hudson Pacific Properties